Ability to save star ratings and add to tags non-library Tidal albums and tracks

It would be fantastic, if you add such possibility to Roon.
There are several reasons for this desire:

  1. I don’t want to keep in favorites albums, which I gave a low personal rating. But I want to know the next time I stumble upon this album (maybe in a couple of years) from some recommendation, that I’ve already listened to it and this is not my cup of tea. Because I can’t remember all those albums.
  2. Unfortunately there is that damn 10,000 Tidal limit. And I’ve hit it many times already. I can listen to albums beyond this limit, but I can’t save my personal ratings of albums and tracks, organize it by tags, etc.
  3. I always have a lot of “stacks” of albums that I’m interested in, from different sources and recommendations. I prefer to organize them by tags, it’s much more convenient than adding them to playlists (I know I can do this with non-library albums and tracks). At least there is only one entry in the tag for one album instead of as many entries as the total number of tracks in that album as in the playlist. But in order to add something to one of my tags I must add that album to the library first, and again I hit that Tidal limit.

+1 to this. I’d love to be able to keep a “To listen to” or “Wishlist” tag for things on Tidal that I’ havent’ purchased yet but might.