Ability to set "Resync Delay" for the HQPlayer Audio setting menu [On Roadmap]

I don’t see “Resync Delay” dropdown list for HQPlayer Audio setting in the setting pane. How can I configure to setting it?

Thanks, Steven

I use the Buffer Time control in HQ Player Settings. A figure of 100ms works for me.

Andrew, thanks for a solution. Unfortunately, the very classic DAC (dCS Delius) I have needs more than 4secs (>4,000ms) delay in order to re-sync at sample rate is changed. I learned that some HQPlayer filter, like “closed-form-M”, introduces some amount of delay (about 9sec in this case) before starting music. As a side effect, It’s enough time for DAC to re-sync.
Thanks again for your cooperation.

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Ok, I see why the HQP buffer might not fit the bill, it tops out at 250 ms.

Roon’s DSP Engine will let you add a delay to individual channels which might help here. You can see how to access the DSP Engine here.

Under Procedural EQ/Delay you will see boxes to enter Delay times in ms for each channel. Try 4,000 ms for left and right. Make sure you enable the DSP Engine, Procedural EQ and the Delay tool.

DSP Settings stick to zones so this should be active for your HQP zone from all Controls.

Andrew, thanks again for a suggestion. I set Procedural EQ with Delay to 4000ms for both the Left and the Right channels. Unfortunately, it does not seems to work. Although the “Signal Path” shows Procedural EQ operating, no blank frames (for 4000ms) are filled before start of the track, but it seems to pads blank frames to the tail of the previous track.


Delay is working as expected–it normalizes out any common delay. The idea is to delay channels relative to each other, because the primary use cases for this is managing speaker position differences.

A workaround that you could employ today is to load a 4-second long convolution filter, where the whole filter is zeroes except for one full-scale sample at the end.

I’m going to look into adding a resync delay setting for HQPlayer. If it’s not significant work, we’ll squeeze it in.


Brian, thanks for dealing with the resync issue. Looking forward to the feature enormously!