Ability to sort tags by date added rather than just alphabetical

Rather than creating enormous playlists, I’ve started using tags to record certain large lists of music (e.g. Top 1001 albums of all time, Top 100 albums of 2020) as Roon seems better at handling these and I prefer the Album Cover view.

However, there doesn’t seem to be an option to sort the tagged albums by date added (or any other criteria) - only alphabetically by artist name. I may be a unique user case, but I add several albums a day sometimes without listening to them first as I’m following a pre-existing list, so newer albums I may want to listen to can get lost amongst the several hundred already tagged.

Edit: Solved!

Click “View all albums” under the “View all” menu and you will see those options.

Great, thank you! Slightly unintuitive but does exactly what I want :slight_smile: