Ability to specify album type

I have a number of EPs that Roon doesn’t recognise, and it therefore lists them in the album section, cluttering it up. Can we have the ability to specify whether an album is an album, EP or otherwise?

I guess this will be part of the Metadata editing options that is in the pipeline.

Have you tried to match them manually and thus get the EP class via ID rather than manually classifying?

I find many 3,4 and 5 track CD singles that either don’t ID or actually ID as the wrong CD completely. So, the biggest issue IMHO with EP’s is this rather than the ability to categorise as EP.

Reminder to team Roon that you have my list of these.

I have tried to match manually, but can’t find the correct match this way.Is this what you mean? Or do you mean match it to an incorrect EP just to get the EP tag? I’d rather not start matching things incorrectly, as then they won’t update when the correct matches are eventually added to the Roon database.

No…of course you don’t match to an incorrect release just to get the EP …what are you smoking !!! That would be nuts!!

Of the miss ID’d EP’s I really force through the ID by entering the artist and album in the search fields…it usually will list the one I need.

I think that what I’m smoking is not as strong as what you’re smoking!

Of course I tried entering the artist and album manually - in fact I even mentioned this specifically in my post above. That is the first thing I do if Roon does not find a match automatically.

I think (and hope) that Carl’s reply is the correct one - that it will be part of the metadata editing options.


Should be a dropdown where you could specify the correct releasetype e.g

Album, EP, Single, Soundtrack, Compilation, Anthology etc.

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