Abnormal volume control behaviour on Uniti Nova when Roon Core activated

Hi all,

Since a few days, I have a strange behaviour with the volume control of my Uniti Nova.
If Roon Core is on, when I change the volume on the Nova (through the Roon App, Naim App, or with the remote; listening Qobuz, Library or DAB), after +/- 1s there is a small adjustement (for example I set level to 30, and it goes down to 29 or 27).
If Roon core is off, everything is working perfectly well.

I had this issue on Nova firmware 3.5 and same issue with 3.6.
I didn’t notice this issue before.
It could have occurred after last Roon update but I’m not 100% sure.

Does somebody experience the same problem?

I finally found the issue:
Sonore Upnp was activated on my SonicTransporter, with Nova as media renderer (my mistake)
Now it’s deactivated and Roon works perfectly with the Nova!
More than happy with this setup!