About Biographies and Reviews Translation

Hi, I’m from China and I 've been using ROON since July last year, it was an amazing experience to have such a wonderful software.
The UI of ROON is well translated and seem totally fine to me and my friends who cannot read English. But the biographies, reviews, etc. are only in English was a disaddvantage to users from non-English speaking countries. It would take me a lot of time to do the reading while I’m listening to the music, and for my non-English friends who are avid users and fans of ROON, this part of banifit and satisfaction then have to be sacrificed.
Is it possiable to add a translation feature for the information about an album and artist? A Google translate will bring great convenient. Or maybe make these information selectable in Windows or IOS interfaces, so they can copy and paste it into a translate software when they are interested.
Thank you very much for your wonderful job bringing us such a great software! Hope you can consider my suggestion.

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