About Combo384 DSD256 Native support

(Mr Fix It ) #61

@alvin1118 Alvin might be the best one to chime in here.


With Alvin’s help, I was able to reprogram the firmware. Now it works as expected. The mystery is what version firmware was in there before. We will never find out. :sweat_smile:


Great ! What is your feedback on 1099c ? For me no issues, perfect up to DSD256.
Bye bye DoP …

(Alvin Chee) #64

Glad that it’s all sorted out. Enjoy the music, @jmpsmash!

Many thanks.

Alvin @ Vinshine Audio


Yes. same. I am able to play DSD256 no problem. I do notice some clicks here and there, usually at the beginning of the track. I also got a pop when I first fired it up but that went away.


No clicks, no pops from my part …

(Menashe Ben Israel) #67

Just received my new l.k.s MH-DA004 with upgrade usb, Will appreciate if someone could assist me with full instructions on how to upgrade usb firmware,