About HiFi Rose Roon Ready Certification

Hi Danny

Just to know if Rose is actually working on Roon certification.
Their answer was: going to be ok in few weeks

I ask because i want to buy their beautifull piece of hifi RS150 but i will only if roon compatible and it seems to me regarding their Q&A section that they are working on it for a bit too long to be honest :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer.

They are, but I would not buy anything on the hopes that it WILL be something… they could still fail Roon Ready certification.

Their intentions are good, but no one can make you a promise that it will be done.

That said, do they support airplay / chromecast? I think so, but I don’t have it in front of me to check. If so, you can still use it via those protocols with Roon even if their Roon Ready is not released.

Thanks Danny!
Almost 4K€ for Airplay would be a waste to me…
I ll buy when I am sure!

And btw I enjoy roon everyday since I joined two years ago now!

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Any news on the roon ready certification of the RS150?

I saw that the RS201 is listed roon ready. So is it likely the RS150 will be too?

This will happen no later than necessary, and as soon as the manufacturer and RoonLabs have thoroughly tested the gear to be tested.

RoonLabs does not publicly comment on such matters, so your best bet is to ask the manufacturer. If they don’t know or don’t provide an answer, then all you can do is wait. If the manufacturer falsely advertised their device being Roon Ready, then you need to take it up with them.

The issue is that manufactures say ‘in a few weeks’ when the actuality is ’ in a few months’ if at all. Don’t buy anything on a manufacturer’s promise unless you have a cast-iron money back guarantee regarding Roon Ready Certification status.

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I’d go one further and say “don’t buy anything until it’s on the RoonLabs Partners page”.

(gottasay, those About Rose boxes do look pretty)

Hello all,
now that they are officially certified key question from my side: how would Roon work with the touchscreen & screen ? Will it means that I can navigate in the Roon UI directly from it and see the cd covers and all Roon info right there ?
Or I can only use it as an output but have to control it from my tablet or phone ?
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Salut Laurent

Go to the hifi Rose Q&A section
I asked them many questions and they have been answered quickly
You ll see some screenshot of roon on the post Roon & Qobuz.

I m looking forward buying RS150 very soon

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Salut Benjamin,
Great will go there :slight_smile: