About merging artists (or compositions)

Sorry if this should have been treated somewhere else.

I’d need a clarification.
It seems to me that the “merging” IS NOT really a merging: when i merge 2 artists, one disappears… completely. and every link redirects to the other one.
this in general is ok, as usually one of the 2 (or more) artists is a fake, is spurious, is associated to just one album or composition, has no data, has no bio, pictures, anything. while there is usually a clear “correct” artist to prefer.

but there are also (a lot of? i have many) situations in which the 2 (or more) artists are equally “empty” (of infos, or associations). in this case one can only … make a random choice. and that it would be OK, as they look equivalent, and finally the result will link the right way to my tracks.

my point is the following: tomorrow, or in 1 year, the metadata of one of the 2 artists change: someone of you at roni correct data, a picture is added, the artist die, or becomes famous and a bio is added… anything.
if the artist which is updated is the one i have “covered beneath” the other one… i will NEVER see those changes. this is quite disappointing.
correct me if i’me wrong.

i cannot see how things could work better: maybe a more “merging” behaviour… difficult if there are confliting metadata.

another point is the following: yes, i can unmerge artists at anytime. but the list of merged artists can be very long, and getting there not so comfortable.
i think that in the edit window of an artist, there should be a signal like “this artist is the merging of …”, and a button “Unmerge”.

more or less… same thing for composition.

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no feedback at all?

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi ---- Thank you for the post and sharing your thoughts with us on the “merging artists” feature in the application.

While obviously I can not make any promises, I do see the point you are making here. I have a meeting tomorrow with the tech team/members of the DEV team and will be sure to ring this up in our conversation to get some feedback.


Note: Just so you are aware I have moved this over to the “feature request” section of the community site.

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Roon could pop a little icon on the Artist page stating that the bio for a merged artist has been updated since the merge?

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yes, but not really sufficient: there must be also a way to see the changes without unmerging. maybe, it could be also an external web link, showing (on browser) the new artist infos. but clearly, staying inside roon application would be better.

the real solution would be… consistent metadata and no duplicated artists/compositions. but as this is quite an utopia, as metadata come from external services, i think a more powerful merging is needed.
besides, more control users-side would imply less metadata-support: at the moment, i’m avoiding most of artists merging (and practically all compositions merging).

finally, as it emerged in other posts, a 2-way communication would be great: if “most” users merge 2 or more artists, there’s a chance that they are actually the same, and they could be merged at roon metadata level. but this is another topic…

for example, two artists that are the same


genres are different, biographical data are different, in one there are internet links.
which one i should choose??? impossible to say. merging is the solution… but, a real merging…

another one


they are the same. i could merge… but which one should i keep. one reports that he is part of group auktyon, the other one has birth date and internet link…

Hey @Niccolo_Terzi – just wanted to let you know you’re not being ignored here. We’re aware of this class of issues, and we’re actively working on ways to improve Roon’s metadata for equivalence issues like this.

In other words, we agree with this:

We’re actively working to get there, and your feedback has been detailed and helpful, so please keep the examples coming, even if it seems quiet sometimes. Thank you!

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