About roon citations

i like the citations in starting screen of roon.
even though… i have barely been able to read one from beginning to end (too little time). considering that roon should not be supposed to be stopped/started so often, i wonder what’s the point.
could you please find another place to put these citations?
for example, in the head of the “Discover” page.



Where did you get that idea from? Roon Remote (which is where the ‘citations’ are shown) can be started/stopped from multiple devices as many times as you like. The Core should ideally be left on all the time. If you have both Core & Remote in the one box then you may have a point, but that is not the recommended way to use Roon.

i have my core a on win PC. i also have a remote, on an android phone. but:
-when i start the remote, i do not see any citation
-as i work on the same PC, i use mostly the desktop interface. and that’s where i see the citations. but just when i start / stop. the core
-i don’t see why this should be a “not recommended use”

anyway, i still would like to see / browse more citations as “an inspiration”, more or less as the discover feature.

Perhaps instead of ‘recommended’ I should have used ‘optimum’…From the Roon KB:

By building the system around a powerful Core, separate from Control and Output functions, you are setting yourself up for the best experience now and in the future.

Personally I would rather the ‘citations’ were a selectable feature in Settings. I would leave them switched off.

Maybe a nice place for a “quotes browser” would be inside the “About” box (like the one for the team)?

Most of the code needed for this is probably there already. Just an idea…

Since they repeat on a short schedule maybe you could read a small percentage of a particular quote each time. :smile:

BTW - you’re not missing anything. E.g., how many times can one read Stevie Nicks waxing nostalgic about her birthday present guitar?

My point exactly. Improve them or bin them.

well. as i spend 1/3 of my time in front of a PC, for work, and that’s also the same place where my HIFI lives… and since my work PC is powerful enough to to allow me working and listening to music… it seems to me quite a non-sense to have a separate machine just to run roon-core.
in the past, i used to have a nas running squeezebox server (and i still have it), but as it’s not powerful enough…
i’ve thought for a while for a separate machine… but it seems that the only advantage would be that i could switch off the work pc and leave that on. but it does not seem a very strong reason.

the output anyway is a separate network player.

about citations, i agree, there should be the possibility to disable them…