About shared folder on the NAS

My music files have been in the shared folder /Public on the QNAP NAS.But the two hard disks in volume1 have no space.So I put a new hard disk into my NAS with volume2.I have to create a new folder with different name like /Public2.New music files will be stored in this new hard disk.Could roon identify the new music files?If not,how to set the path?
Thank you very much.

Share the files just like you do currently on the Nas and add a new path like the current one in roon but pointing to the new share.

Does the name of the shared folder have to be /Public?Could it be /Public 2?

Why is /Public/Public 2?I think it should be /Public 2?How to set this up?

I try to keep all my music in the same volume and QNAP allows the user to expand it with additional drives. Obviously, since the expanded volume has the same name and features as it always did, Roon sees it.

Is the shared holder in Roon /Public only on the NAS?