Absence of "view all tracks" on genre drilldown

When you’re exploring through “Genre” - when clicking on the genre you are given the option to: View All Artists. Or: View all Albums. But not: View All Tracks. I’m sure this option used to be available in a previous release?

I find it really annoying that this functionality is missing. I can do it in any other music player software, why not Roon?

Also - I find the album art lookup really exceptionally poor. Please could someone do something robust to correct this? I have hundreds of hip hop tracks with the front cover of Little Brother’s ‘The Listening’, and hundreds of funk and disco tracks with an obscure Odyssey front cover. What on earth is going on?!

Please help. With thanks


Hi @Nemo_Halperinm,

It’s not possible to view all tracks from the Genre browser. You can go to the Tracks browser and use Focus to select a specific genre which should do what you need though:

Can you share some screenshots of an example where this is occurring?


Hi Dylan,

The cover art metadata for most files prior to importing into Roon was blank as they had previously been stored as WAV files which were then converted to FLAC. When importing into my Roon library; all files in the same folders were apparently given the same cover art - which was really really really annoying because my track were stored in genre grouped folders!

I use JRiver for some things Roon can’t do. I went in there to take the time to attach the correct cover art to files that had previously been overwritten by Roon. I worked through 20 track files. Saved my progress and went to look at how they appeared in Roon.

Roon had overwritten the cover art randomly for many files that were in the same folder.

So it appears the software is unable to distinguish files from one another in terms of their meta data if they sit in the same folder.

Another observation I have is that the wave pattern displayed under a track does not update if edited or changed. Roon simply caches the initial import under the exact name details and will not refresh. I noticed this when I bought a track from bandcamp and it only partially downloaded - which I only realised when trying to play it in Roon. I then downloaded the track again, it was successful the second time. But once this file replaced the original incomplete file in the folder - Roon would not display the full wave pattern of the track.

So overall - my issues focus on the way in which the software:

  1. Does not give facility to easily update the artwork from within the app (this with merhaps a plugin would be a very useful feature).
  2. Even if you update the artwork - Roon does not recognise the update if the file sits in a folder with other tracks from many different artists / albums.
  3. Roon actually misrepresents the cover artwork and applies it across multiple unrelated files.

This is such a pain and exceptionally time consuming to correct and manage.

I thought your software was meant to make my life easier, not harder.

Back to other point. In all other music library software I can view tracks under genre. Really I’d like more adaptive functionality in terms of helpful viewing and playback options all across the software. This point is actually a basic functionality I would have thought.

If not for your audio optimising playback I would already have unsubscribed.

Can you do anything to accommodate these concerns?



Hi @Nemo_Halperin,

Generally, we recommend that all of your files be organized into folder by album. This will help Roon to identify the albums and use the proper artwork. Are all of the file tags for your albums also filled out (i.e. is the correct album tag information filled out in the file tags)?

You can manually edit artwork, but for best results we want to make sure that Roon is able to properly identify your albums, so fixing the root cause of this problem is the best option.

In this instance, because I transferred many files from WAV to FLAC which are in my file library - they did not have Album name inserted. What bothers me though, is that for my Afrobeat folder where I meticulously updates all the metadata to display the correct Album and atached the correct Album Artwork - Roon simply ignores this even when I untick trust Roon for certain parameters. I personally feel that if you have taken the trouble to update all the key metadata fields in your collection that Roon should not reject correct data only because each album’s tracks are not stored in their own folder.

Further to this - there is the perennial issue of compilation album, and the methodology question of file by Artist first, or Album first. Since most collections are files by Artist first - some guidance on how best to order folders for Roon optimisation would be helpful.

My personal feeling is that it may be cleaner for users to list a separate album folder under each artist for the compilation albums they appear on to ensure complete consistency of methodology.

Could someone please provide clear guidance on this?

Aside from this - no one has answered my question about the caching of WAVforms in the player, when a file has been replaced, Roon is defaulting to displaying the wrong initial WAVform. Can you update your settings to stop this annoying thing from happening.


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