AC3 DTS files missing

I have a 5.1 setup that works pretty well with Roon. But I also have several DTS ripped discs (.dts) and AC3 files (.ac3 like Planet Jarre 5.1, only available as download if you bought the disc). Neither of them show up in Roon, totalling around 15 albums missing. Also I need them to be software decoded. I can do that natively in any other app, but I like all my collection accessible through Roon.

Thank you

AFAIK Roon does not support DTS decoding. You could run the DTS signal as a .wav through a surround receiver (cannot use any DSP!) or you could decode them offline into FLAC (or something else) and then play them in a format Roon supports. If it’s only 15 albums, shouldn’t be too hard to decode offline.

Thanks! I could decode them into FLAC, but then I would be increasing the filesize of them just for Roon to read them… Which is less than ideal.