'Accents Disregarded' Mode Request

I tried to identify a disk by the Vegh Quartet today and had no traction until I realised that I have to write the artist’s name as Végh Quartet.

Should be a relatively easy fix, I hope.




I don’t think it needs a mode but do support that accents should be disregarded when searching.

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This was mentioned in ticket 11476, the current owner of which is Jer… (replaced by 11477)


On a similar subject, I used to have a similar problem with the Sonos app when searching for Motorhead! Some tags were ripped with the umlaut over the 2nd ‘o’ and some not. Of course I have no idea how to type the umlauted ‘o’ so could never properly search. Fixed it by editing the tags to get rid of them. Don’t know if Roon suffers in the same way but I don’t think I have any tags left like that to test it with.