Access files left on laptop?

hi, I’ve moved my roon core from my laptop to a mac mini but can no longer access the music on the laptop. as the laptop needed to be disconnected from roon in order to run on the mini how can those files be accessed again? thanks.

Not knowing your full setup:

Accessing files on the laptop:
You have to setup the folder holding the music on the laptop as a share. Then you have to add that network location as a storage location in Roon. If you are starting over again with your database, then that is all you need to do. Roon will re-import and re-analyze.

However, If you restored your database instead of starting new, then, instead of adding you will want to edit the old storage location to point to the new storage location. See here for details:

Potential Issues:
Keeping the music on the laptop means you will need your laptop on all the time as well so the music is available.

Also, you didn’t mention what you are playing the music TO. If you are playing music to the laptop or a device connected to the laptop, then you have just added a lot of extra network activity, since the music will now have to travel to the mac mini and then back to the laptop. This may or may not impact playback.

Personally, I think the music files should be kept local to the server, if possible. It is less stressful on the network and makes setup and troubleshooting easier. I use a USB hard drive. Load the music on it and then plug it into the mac mini.

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this is all useful information so thank you. the files on my laptop are from downloads and ripped cd’s. the mac mini plays to different roon endpoints no need to play to or from the laptop. I’d like to be able to continue to rip my cd collection on the laptop and have it accessible to play via roon. is there a way to configure this setup so that anything on the laptop can be added automatically to the roon files?

If you had a drive on the Mac mini, you could share it, and then run a sync program to sync the music from the laptop to the mac mini. Side benefit, you’d have a backup of the music files.

thanks again for your help. I’m not very savvy when it comes to technology. when I set up roon on the mini I followed the migration instructions to the letter. downloaded the roon file on the mini, clicked restore from an external backup, disconnected the macbook when prompted and roon popped up on the mini with my preferences, browsing history, recently played, etc. my macbook is open and on but roon does not see my local macbook files. is a roon “bridge” needed?

Personally, I would plug a USB HDD or SSD into your Mac and copy all your music files from your laptop to that drive. Make that the watched drive in Roon.

all good suggestions. I’ll play around with it. thank you.

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