Access Roon music server via an ASIO/WDM driver by audio analyzer

I want to measure the complete audio signal chain performance including the SRC & DSP engine using an audio analyzer to verify the actual performance of the whole signal chain. Is it possible to access Roon music server via an ASIO driver by the Audio Precision audio analyzer software? It is because, the analyzer need to send a test signal as a stimulus to the music server and then capture the digital output from the network player or from the loudspeaker via the measurement mic to determine the impulse response, delay, etc for audio/sound fine-tuning.

It’s not possible to interface to Roon like it’s an audio device.

Does your analysis software generate any audio files that could be imported into Roon and then played manually for analysis?

Thanks for your reply.

It is possible to import some test signals into Roon and then playback manually for some analysis. Unfortunately, it is not able to compare the absolute time delay between the loudspeakers via the whole signal chain.

Is it possible to create or to simulate a virtual machine to fulfil this purpose within the current s/w architecture?