Access the core when away from home

First, I want to say that the features introduced in 1.2 are much appreciated. Being able to set up small and inexpensive RAAT devices is great and I’m looking forward to replacing my Windows core with a linux machine.

One thing that I’m sorely missing for my use-case is the ability to access my core library when I’m away from home. There has been some talk about such a feature (for example here, here, here or here) but some of these requests seem overly complicated to me. I’m not looking for a cloud solution or a sync service that manages two separate cores. The simplest approach - to me - is something along the line of what some forum members have been doing with VPN setups: allowing a remote talk to the core over the internet and streaming content from the home network to wherever the remote is located.

As a bonus you could enable remote clients to download some content for offline listening. This would permit the beautiful iPhone remote to play music on the go without a stable internet connection. I understand that there is an issue with the current Xamarin garbage collector implementation, but I’m confident this will be resolved sometime soon. Also this is only a bonus an not nearly as important to me as remote access :slight_smile:.

Is something like that planned? Or are you pursuing a more involved approach? Are you willing to share any preliminary timeline information? I understand if you are cautious about sharing such plans along with dates but I really welcome the open communication you’re having with your user base and I won’t hold it against you if plans change :wink:. Any tidbits are much appreciated.


I would like this feature too. Roon should take a look at Plex Media Server’s implementation of remote access: All you have to do is open a single port on your firewall and you have remote access to your media library. You don’t even have to configure dynamic DNS or SSL certificates for secure connections. Plex handles all of that transparently. Media is streamed, but the Plex clients for certain platforms can also sync content to the client device. I always sync a few shows and movies to my iPad to watch on the plane.

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Exactly this. This is all I need. This is by far the most disappointing missing feature of roon. If they don’t add this by next year, I probably won’t re-up

I didn’t see this thread when it opened. Remote access is definitely on the roadmap but there are no timelines established. One of the issues will be the uploading speed of various ISPs. Here in Australia upload speed is very throttled.

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I hope it would be possible to install a small ROONvpn package simular to roonbridge on the server and each client and then have an option in the android app that would automatically switch to vpn connection when outside the home network (on the android app. IMHO it should be integrated into the app (switched off as default)).

A Cubox-I computer with a dac/hpa is up and running at my workplace (through vpn). BUT setting it up was not as easy as it should be imho. Furthermore I have to open a vpn connection on the phone in addition to the roon app, and I must admit, I end up using the Tidal app and not ROON (and that does not show your software to my co-workers or anyone along the way to and from work).

One of the things Subsonic does really well is allow the user to set the transcoding options depending on connection type. In my case, when I am accessing my music remotely from my phone I dont really care about ultimate sound quality so I set the options to MP3 128. When I am wifi I set it to no transcoding. If someone has a slow upload speed they can just set the transcoding to whatever works best for them.

Being able to access Roon remotely and being able to cache music locally to a mobile device for playback (again like how Subsonic does it) would be my personal holy grail…having only 1 music playback and library management solution.

Had my first real want for this feature this past weekend.

Thankfully had remote access to Tidal for most music but sure wished I’d had access to my library for those special albums/songs not available on Tidal.

Any updates on where this feature is in the queue?

Many thanks…


With the upcoming death of Google Play Music, this feature addition is more useful/valuable to me now than it ever has been. GPM has (barely adequately) filled this need for me when I’m away from home, by combining (320 kbps MP3 downsampled copies of) my library files with a giant library of music from a streaming service. I prefer very little about GPMs UI/recommendations over Roon. I definitely don’t prefer the sound quality. But I care about sound quality less when I’m out of the house (and mostly listening over wireless bluetooth), and I wanted/needed a way to combine my library of files with a streaming service, and this did that… but now it’s been put out to pasture/killed off. If Roon could fill in this gap, and work off network, that would be awesome.

Blockquote I didn’t see this thread when it opened. Remote access is definitely on the roadmap but there are no timelines established. One of the issues will be the uploading speed of various ISPs. Here in Australia upload speed is very throttled.

Acknowledged/agreed/understood. But Roon has the ability to downsample high-bitrate content before passing it along, right? I already take advantage of that and have it configured to resample everything above 24/44.1 and 24/48 to 24/44.1 and 24/48 when playing to one of my Chromecast Audios, because it tends to make for a better more reliable connection/streaming experience for me… couldn’t the same be done with Roon pointed towards an external client device?