Access to Folders when using Sonic Transporter as Roon Server

When running Roon Core on my MacBook Pro, I was often clicking though to the file/folders that hold my music to deal with maintenance and organisational matters. Now that I have my Roon Core running on the Sonic Transporter, it seems that I cannot click through like this. That is a damn shame, I must say. Is there a way to use a browser to drive roon through the roon server, rather than through a remote, and thus be able to click through as I used to be able to do when the core was on my mac?

Does anyone know whether this will be different in the upcoming 1.3 release? @support @agillis

How do I copy files to my sonicTransporter?

You can copy files to your sonicTransporter over the network.
Go to the network folder on your computer and look for the sonicTransporter. put your files in files -> music -> FLAC

So I should clarify. Most of my folders are on a synology NAS, not on the transporter. When the Roon core was on my MacbookPro, I used to be able to go to track info, and click on the link, and my Mac would open the folder where the track file was in finder. Then I could do the work I wanted to do in the folder, without having to look it up separately.

Now, if I need to work on a folder, I have to look at the track info to see where the track is. Then I have to go to Finder on my mac and then click my way through a host of directory layers to get to the folder to do the work. It is a real pain!

Click on the track you are playing and hold.
On the top click on Track info.
Copy Path to clipboard.

Then you have to paste it somewhere, right? Where? It doesn’t work, pasting it into “go to folder” in Finder…

Just enter the ip adress for the link.
There is no other way.
Structure yout folders.
I know where my music is…

Thanks. Its not a matter of knowing where the music is. It is a matter of convenience. It was very convenient to previously be able to click ONE link INSIDE Roon and have the relevant music sub-folder open from the NAS, ready for work. It is not so convenient to have to add in a whole series of clicks and cross references to get the same outcome now that my Mac has become a remote, not the core host.

I wonder if the 1.3 release will change all of this.

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No I don’t think it will. It’s a thorny technical problem.

…a number of less sensational but long-announced items such as further substantial changes to metadata editing.