Access to more data from my library re upcoming releases and albums of merit I don't have

Rather than having only a streaming service in Roon, like Tidal, I’d love to have access to upcoming albums I don’t have based on my library, as well as albums of merit I don’t have from your existing data sources, that are part of my Roon data service.

I use lastfm to tell me what albums are up and coming from my lastfm library and I would envisage alot of lastfm data is already available in the Roon data service?

Hope that makes sense.

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+1 for this! But then not connected to some account like lastfm, as I don’t have one and don’t want to :wink:

I requested something similar a year ago - to have the option to have Roon show (perhaps in a greyed-out format) other albums by an artist that the user doesn’t have: