Access to Roon Curated Playlists in Tidal?

Hi Roon, thanks for creating the holiday curated playlists in Tidal per your “Happy Holidays from Roon” email. I’m enjoying them; however, I’m not enjoying them in the Roon app but just through the Tidal app.

I think I did eventually figure out a way to access them within the Roon app but it seemed a little bit convoluted. So I’m wondering if there’s an easier way.

What I did was when I clicked on the link from the email it went to my browser on my phone then I tried to log-in so I could add the playlist to my favorites in Tidal but it only wanted me to open the app on my phone which was fine but it took a few tries to actually get to the playlist to “favorite” the playlist. Once it was favorited I can see that it is now listed in my “Playlists” in Roon. Honestly though, unless I’m missing something, this was a bit of an ordeal to get playing in Roon or Tidal directly.

Here were some of the things I found difficult (that aren’t necessarily Roon-specific):

  1. I couldn’t search for these playlists within the Tidal app or the Tidal “section” in Roon.
  2. The “Your Favorites” tab in Roon’s Tidal section shows artists, albums, tracks but not “playlists”
  3. The Roon-curated playlists did not show-up in the “playlists” tab. (There are only a handful that appear and most are not interesting to me in the slightest. Do I need to customize some tastes in Tidal to get them to appear?)
  4. I don’t see a way to find the Roon-curated playlists in Tidal (native app or Roon app) without having the direct links from the email.

Anyway, some of this may be my ineptitude in using Roon, Tidal or both. But maybe someone can enlighten me if there’s an easier way to do this. Thanks.

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