Accessibility Fixes

Hey guys,

I am using a Dragonfly RED on my MacBook. Since it has no volume-control and I like my DAC in exclusive mode, I have no other option to go into Roon and use the (a little slow to use) volume-control. I would love it if Roon could overtake my volume-media-keys on my mac and even the other media buttons to spare some time. And if that isnt possible maybe introducing the possibility to use media keys to assign ctrl-up or something to do that. It would make roon a lot more amazing! See how VOX for Mac does it! Thank you, Roon rocks.

Did you see the “CMD-ArrowUp” and “CMD-ArrowDown” shortcut?
As far as I know the dedicated volume keys on the mac can only control the System output. Exclusive mode would not be possible then.