Accessibility for blind music lovers

My partner loves roon but cant use it at all because she is totally blind. Are there any plans to make Roon more accessible for people with impaired sight?


I don’t think that another feature request is needed. There are many good tips already in the old one.

My macular degeneration is worsening. I have increasing difficulty reading screen apps and in a year or two may no longer be able to read my Roon app. That would be a tragedy for me. So I will add my plea to this small chorus to please make Roon available to visually compromised music lovers.

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If that happens, would Roon be your best option? So much of Roon is a visual experience. Maybe there are other ways to play your music with the best sound quality without all the visuals. IDK.

With all due respect - this has got to be extremely low on the priority list for the Roon devs. This would be a huge undertaking.

Thanks Sylvia I’m glad to hear from you.

Of course you don’t Jack. You don’t believe any feature request in necessary, unless it originated from you. That said, how 'bout some compassion for the visually impaired? If your sight worsened, I bet it would soon become a priority…

Offering encouragement to the Roon developers to consider this as they move forward. Perhaps view it as you do security driven development. Implement wherever possible whenever you can.