Accessing my NAS from Roon


I am new to ROON having just given up on JRiver I thought I would try something simpler. I can see ROON is more user friendly but I want a simple life and need some advice.

I just want to use ROON as my controller on my PC and also through the ROON App on my IPad/IPhone etc. I have a NAS which holds my music library. All I want here is to be able to download music including DSD tracks and transfer them through ROON to my NAS. I have been able to access Tidal through ROON and output to my DCS Upsampler but that’s it so far.
Hi Res Internet Radio access would also be good through ROON would also be good as well but it seems that you can only do it if you have the URL. For an old non techie this is all a bit hard

All I want is an easy life. Advice for a technical imbecile welcomed please.


The Roon Knowledge Base is your friend, so have a look here, for example.

A couple of basic tips:

You’ll need to have Roon or Roon Server running on a computer somewhere on your network. That could be a regular, off-the-shelf Windows, Mac, or Linux PC, or something a little more specialized, like an Intel NUC running Roon’s forthcoming ROCK, or something like this or this. (Those are just a couple of examples; there are many more options at a wide range of price points.)

You can’t use Roon to get music onto your NAS per se, but you can set up one or more folders on your NAS for Roon to watch so that once you get music files copied to those locations, Roon will automagically know about them and make them available to you via its stellar user interface. Again, searching the Knowledge Base will get you started, and you can always come back here to ask questions if you get stuck.