Accessing placeholders such as song title and time

I am completely new to the Roon API, I use Roon and was wondering how I could use the API to grab data such as song title, album, artist, and how far into the song you are. This is with the aim to create a Discord Rich Presence program to use.

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I independently came up with this idea last night. It does not seem like it would be that difficult to do. It would be amazing to host approximately synchronized (+/- 5 seconds) Roon + TIDAL listening sessions in Discord, offering people a way to virtually share and participate in geographically distributed listening sessions. Happy to help where I can.

Thanks for your support. Once I get the music rich presence display working I’ll let you know and we can take it from there.


How is that going?

Use RoonApiTransport’s subscribe_zones() and you’ll get a callback with “instant” updates on changes to a zone. Works wonderfully.