Accessing roon arc through VPN?

All is there a way to set an access point for your roon core through a VPN?

My ISP doesn’t give me an option to disable CGNAT or use a public up address.

I can handle this using a VPN and WireGuard, but for anyone who’s had to do this, how do you make ARC point to your roon core from outside your home network?

I’ve used Wireguard to do this in the past…so installed Wireguard on my phone alongside ARC. Once your WG tunnel is established then all traffic from your phone including ARC will travel down the tunnel. You don’t have to do anything specifically with ARC if your tunnel is set up correctly and your Roon core is visible through the tunnel

I also successfully use Wireguard, but with a CGNat I don’t think it will work. You might want to try Tailscale which claims to work through NATs, although my ISP allows public IP addresses just for the asking so I don’t personally have experience with this kind of setup.

I’ve tried tailscale but it realllly struggles with roon arc. UNfortunately my ISP wants you to set up a corporate account to get a public ip address.

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