Accessing Roon from 2 countries

Grateful for any advice:
I am a big Roon fan with a lifetime membership.

Q: I want to play Roon on two different computers at different times under the one licence in the UK & Brussels.

My core is on my Innuos Zennith in the UK and I want to use Roon on my new Stack streamer in Brussels.

Has anyone else tried this? Is it difficult to migrate?
Will I be able to migrate back to my Zennith core easily or will the path be lost?

Hope this makes sense? many thanks for your help.

Keep playing the music

There are a few users doing this sort of thing for holiday homes etc.
I think the difficult bit is if you want the library kept in synch whilst shipping between the two locations.
If you search the forum you will find quite a few threads around the subject, i would start by reading them to get a flavour of the issues then post a specific post of the type
“If I did these steps…1.2. what would I see”
Make sense?

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Hi @Gareth_Tuffery,

You can switch between which Core is active at any time, so it’s no problem to use Roon at both locations as long as you’re not using both at the same time.

Your Core doesn’t sync between both locations, but there are a couple of options. You can backup Roon and restore it at the other location, and then you can also copy your music library and have it stored on a drive at the other location as well. Restore the backup, connect it to the new storage location, and you should be good to go!

Hi Dylan,
Many thanks for your excellent help I will back up and restore :nerd_face::notes:

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Hi Ged
Thank you for the good advice


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