Accessing ROON ROCK via Finder [Resolved]

Hello All,
Complete network novice. Am trying reformat the USB Flash Drive on my NUC so attempted to view using Finder in MAC OS. In response to the connection menu I am asked whether I log in as the Registered User or Guest but do not have the name and password for Registeed User so can only access as a Guest. Have I set the name and password at some point or can I only access as a Guest. Any help would be welcome.
Can I set the name and password for Reistered User and how do I reformat the flash drive. Poked around the BIOS but didn’t see any link.

adding @support to flag them down for you.

Hi Warren,

Is this the USB flash drive that you wanted to use for backup on your ROCK NUC?

If it’s ROCK, then you won’t be able to format the USB drive on the NUC. However, you can do it on the Mac. You will want to format it using exFAT.

You are accessing the ROCK NUC properly as Guest. After you plug the flash drive into the NUC, you will see the flash drive in the ROCK’s Storage Folder when you log in.

Try plugging the flash drive in the NUC before you format it and see if it shows.

Here is information I found on the net showing how to format the USB drive on your Mac. Be careful that you select the USB drive and not your Mac’s boot drive when you format. If you’re not sure, stop and ask for help before proceeding.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Greg


Hello Greg,

Thanks for your help…turns out the Lexar JumpDrive was defective and couldn’t be formatted even when attempting to use diskutil “terminal” command lines…replaced the drive and all is good.