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I’ve installed ROCK on a NUC some years ago and it runs just fine. However after fiddling with installing I was happy go lucky when I made it running so I think I forgot or didnt bother mounting the SSD. I have a Kingston 64 GB USB drive mounted for backup data, and that one I can see in the Data folder. But not the SSD. Now I thought I should map that SSD drive, could be handy, but I could not find any good description on the easiest way. I tried to log in with Putty, but it wouldnt let me. Can anybody guide me?

To backup the internal SSD (music drive), mount “Data/Storage/InternalStorage/“ and use something like rsync.

There is nothing on that SSD, it is not even mounted. I have my music files on external Truenas. I just want to map it up and use it as a general SMB share.

When you say mounted, what do you mean by that.

Well, I mean that I cant find any way to access it. My USB stick for backup data is obviously mounted because I can see it both in Windows Explorer under “server-ip/data/storage” and in Roon GUI under “Settings/Storage/Add Folder”

Have you formatted the drive? Use the Web Administration page for ROCK to do this.

And if it is not even showing up in the Web Administration interface, then it is possible that you accidentally disabled the internal SATA port in the BIOS. You’ll need to enable it again.

Can you share a screenshot of http://rock.local (or use the NUCs IP address)?

Thank you, this helped!

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