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Naim Uniti star. Airplay 2

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Description of Issue

After purchasing a lifetime subscription to Roon, I initiated a trial subscription to Qobuz.

I can stream tracks using the Qobuz App. However, these tracks will not play when accessing Quboz via Roon. I get an error message saying that the ‘track is not currently available from Qobuz’.

Is there a specific set-up required to access Qobuz using Roon?

Under settings: services: Qobuz what does it say for streaming plan?
What Qobuz tier are you on?

The Quboz services page under settings does not specify a streaming plan. The status confirms ‘successfully signed in’ and under Streaming Quality it states ‘No stream formats available’

In the Quboz app, I am subscribed to ‘Studio Premier’.

Well that right there is the problem.
Either you are logged into Qobuz inside Roon under a different email address than the one associated with your current plan or something is going on funky with your Qobuz account.

As long as Roon sees your Qobuz status as “no stream formats available” nothing is going to happen unfortunately.
Can you check you are logged in with correct current email address to Qobuz first, trust me it has been done many times before.

OK. I will follow up with Quboz. Thanks for your help

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