Accidentally bought seperate Lifetime Membership instead of upgrading Annual [Solved]

Hi there - 8 days into my trial I couldn’t resist and went ahead and bought lifetime membership. I had a budget this month as I was going to get a few Bluesound devices but have decided to wait and use Airplay until RoonReady endpoints hit the market. Anyway, I paid for the Lifetime separately, not as an upgrade to my existing annual trial (mistake as I got a bit too excited :slight_smile: ).

Can I go ahead and cancel my annual trial so I dont get billed for annual - will I have to set things up again in terms of Roonserver / Remotes?

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You can do that safely, as you already have the lifetime. At the moment, you have 2 memberships for managing two libraries. If you cancel the annual, you will only have 1 again.

Ha, congrats! And don’t worry – I’d bet @mike will drop by shortly to set things straight for you.

Edit: beaten by the master. :slight_smile:

Edit2: great minds…

@RBM: I beat him to it :smile:

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Hey guys thanks - I realised I said I ‘paid for annual seperately’. I meant ‘I paid for lifetime seperately’ of course which is why I now show as lifetime…[now edited in OP] I will go ahead and cancel the annual trial and relax, enjoy the music and wait for those RoonReady goodies to hit the streets :slight_smile:

Just to be clear I wanted Lifetime and bought it as I intended to (realise my posts are not clear. It was only the trial I wanted to cancel so it wouldnt be billed on rollower). I think its the wine and music right now scrambling my brain a bit :slight_smile: )