Accidentally changed scrubbing bar, help!


I’m very new to Roon, and have been using it for about a week or so now. I absolutely LOVE the product, and will be purchasing a lifetime membership.

During my listening last night, I somehow accidentally changed the scrubbing bar (that lets you move forwards and backwards through a song) from the wave pattern to just a straight bar? How do I change this back!? I loved the wave pattern. Thanks in advance!

Also, do you know when you’ll be releasing an update for the 2018 iPad Pros so Roon fills the screen?

You probably were playing a TIDAL album, for which there is no wave display.

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Oh, you may be right! Thanks for the response! I wonder if this feature will be added.

You are invited to post a Feature Request. They receive no official response, but Roon says they do read them.

Doubt it. There is a technical problem with displaying from TIDAL, or any streaming service that may come along. I think it’s because the whole track is not initially available to create the display.

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