Accidentally removed drive, please help

I accidentally removed (instead of force rescan) one of my two 4TB drives from Settings-Storage. I added it again and it is now scanning 90.000 tracks again, instead of acknowledging that half of the collection is back. Is there a faster way of putting things right? And do I need to restore a backup afterwards. Please help!

Hi @Marcel_van_Tilburg,

Did you completely remove the drive from Settings > Storage, or did you just disable the drive?

If the files are being newly imported the best option is going to be reverting to one of your backups from before this change was made. Once the backup is restored everything should be just as it was previously.

Thanks Dylan for the prompt answer! I think I have removed it completely. So I disabled to cancel scanning and restored today’s backup. Indeed, everything is as it was before! Pfew!

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… just a thought: I use Force Rescan quite a lot and maybe other users too. Would it be possible to have this command at another place (too), instead of hidden and close to the less innocent commands at Settings-Storage? Or how about a warning when hitting Remove that you are about to lose (part of) your collection?

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