Account Change on a ROCK System

Hi Roon Fans,
i tried Roon for the first time and i love it. I installed a ROCK System on a Intel NUC. Everything is working fine. I am still in Test-Mode 8 Days left. What will happen when i create another Account for my Subscripton? Other Mail-Address and other Creditcard. Can i just change the Account on the ROCK System and all settings still be same? Playlist, Tags, Bookmarks and all these things? Or do i have to do a Backup before the Account change?
Thanks for help.
BR Tim

Why do you need to change accounts? Your database is tied to the account.

Hey @Tim_Venker,

Great question! And @Rugby’s answer is right on point: the Roon database (including your playlists, tags, bookmarks, history, etc.) is connected to a Roon account. You cannot restore a database on a different account.

You can, however, change the information associated with the account (email, name, etc.) from your account page:

If that doesn’t work for you, could you please let me know what you’re trying to achieve? I’d be happy to look for some solutions :pray:

Hey @beka
thanks you for the answer and the information. Now i understand how to manage my account.

BR Tim

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Tied to your account yes but not backed up by your Roon account. You will need to do a backup and restore it only if you are changing hardware. Otherwise Trial turns into Subscription without a hitch if no hardware changes.

Ok i understand, but in case of an hardware failure of the ROCK system i thing a backup is also a good way to feel save.

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