Account confirmation on new set-up Rock Core

I’ve just finished building a Roon Core on new nuc. The nuc build seems to have been successful and my 14 day trial Roon download can see the Core.

Im now trying to set it i and I keep getting an error message in a window saying
“Are you Online
your account needs to be quickly confirmed, then your all set
Please connect your internet connection and try again”

Core is plugged directly into my router, no problem with the device time using to connect to the core - thats got internet connection…

…any advice?

Sorted. Not sure what the problem was

Hi @samg,

Generally, this error can happen if your Core machine is having trouble reaching our servers. Often times it’s from a firewall or something like that blocking the connection, but it can also stem from other networking issues. I’m glad you were able to get things sorted, though. If you see the issue return just let us know!

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