Acourate Convolver integration

There needs to be better multi-way convolution integration with Roon. I would like to see Acourate Convolver be integrated with Roon so that the Roon volume slider can control Acourate Convolver’s volume.

I’ve tried HQplayer convolver and it doesn’t seem to work.

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Could you please elaborate a little. I use convolver in HQplayer and it works as intended.

Based on my experience with the current version of HQP, the .wav filters do not work properly in a multiway setup. In particular, I use a 2.2 setup with mono subs. I use pipeline to sum channels for the mono subs. I’ve set everything up correctly and the delays are all screwed up in HQplayer. To my knowledge, there’s been no verification that HQplayer convolver actually works in a multiway setup with delays built into the .wav IR filters. Other than simple 2CH setups, I don’t see how HQP is a decent Convolver solution.

If someone could show me I’m wrong and show me how I’ve set things up incorrectly, I’d be happy because I love the HQP integrated volume control with Roon.

An easier solution would be to allow Acourate Convolver to be integrated with Roon over network just like HQplayer. Acourate Convolver is the gold standard for convolution. Unlike HQP, one can easily verify their filters are working with Acourate Convolver.

Could you share your pipeline settings? Am I correct in understanding that you have the delays built into IR?

I too have a complex setup. I do HRTFs with Inter-aural-delay built into .wav IR, with a true parallel stereo convolution (Ch1F1 + Ch2F2 -> Ch1Out, Ch1F3 + Ch2F4 -> Ch2Out).

One of the features we are speccing out for the Roon upcoming API is an interface that will allow external volume controls to be plugged into the Roon interface.

It looks like AcourateConvolver has its own control interface. Once Roon’s API is available, it should be straightforward to make an adapter that sits between the two and does what you’re looking for.

Thank you! That makes me happy!

3,4 is Left/Right
1 is frontwall summed sub
2 is backwall summed sub.

I’ve tried a variety of pipeline settings. None of them preserve the built in delays. There’s another guy who posted on CA with a similar setup and experienced a similar problem with HQP convolver. Jussi hasn’t been very helpful either.

This is strange indeed, I do not see any obvious issue with how you have set it up. I use an inbuilt delay too (else, HRTFs will not be effective).
Here is what I have, but I leave the convolution engine disabled, else it does not work correctly. Also I have found it best to restart the HQPlayer after I make changes to the pipeline.