Acoustic Bass and Electric Bass Classified as Production

I added a bass player to one of my albums. I was given three options: acoustic bass, electric bass, bass. I chose the first as it was accurate, but when I checked the credits the Acoustic Bass player was listed under Production and not under Composers and Performers. That didn’t seem right so I re-did the assignment to electric bass - turned up under Production again. Only when I re-did the assignment as Bass (no acoustic or electric) did the player appear under Composers and Performers. But when I check with another album - Weather Report’s Sweetnighter - the Acoustic Bass player is under Composers and Performers. Why is there this difference?

Hi @Stan_Jones,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing in Roon and where you added this credit?


This is the screen where I added the bass player; I added both the “bass” and the “acoustic bass” at once. It doesn’t matter if I add them separately.

This is the result:

As you can see Lockwood is in Composers and Performers as a bass and in Production as an acoustic bass.

Here is the credit page for the Weather Report album where acoustic bass played by Mirsolav Vitous is correctly classified:

(note there are other issues here: Muruga - nee Steven Bookvich - is a percussionist, not an instrument that Vitous plays). And here is the actual display of credits with acoustic bass under Composers and Performers:

Thanks, @Stan_Jones — We will look into this.