Activating Mac Pro to Wake Up for External Requests from Roon ARC (ref#EFR2MA)

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How can I make a Mac Pro where Roon on MacOS is installed wake up through an external request via Roon ARC or Roon Remote?
(I explain, I use Roon for a few hours a day on average, to work Roon ARC outside the house, Roon Service has to be available 24 hours for it to work. How do I leave Roon in "sleep" mode and be "awake" by an External request from Roon ARC?)

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Starlink Commercial

Enable Wake-on-LAN on the Mac Pro. Then it wakes up when it receives a WOL packet sent by another machine.

With ARC, this works for me on a NUC with ROCK and a Fritzbox router. WOL packets can’t easily be sent over the internet, so even if ARC sent one, this would not work without some additional tools. But the router can notice the ARC access as such and can then send a WOL packet on ARC’s behalf. Other routers may have such an option as well. (If your router can’t do it, google Wake-on-LAN over the internet)

As the regular remote does not use the same access as ARC through the router, you would have to send a WOL packet by other means. There are apps for this but you may have to trigger it manually (although there may be ways to automate this in the OS)

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