Active speaker recommendations for use with HiFiBerry or IQAudiO

Hello, I’m think of getting an IQaudio Pi DAC+ and/or a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro to use in a couple of bedrooms as Roon endpoints.

Just wondering if anyone has recommendations for active/powered speakers to use them with?

Thanks in advance.

You don’t say what your budget is.

Thank you. Let’s say up to around USD300–400.

Initial thoughts are a small pair of Audioengine speakers, or a B&W T7 (although I don’t need the Bluetooth capability).

So I guess another part of my question pertains to what can be found with RCA or miniplug inputs.

I’m happy with my Audioengine active speakers. I would also consider Adam Audio and Nubert NuPro.

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The latest versions of the audio engine have a built in DAC so you don’t even need the DAC hat on your pi.

The audio engine 2 are great little speakers. I have them in my office and kitchen have haven’t my kids off to college with a few more pairs. :smiley:


I too use AE as my “extension” speakers. One AE5 fed by Pi/HiFiBerry, one AE2 fed by IQ Audio, plus another 2 for my computer speakers. All on shelves safe (so far) from cat claws. The open design isn’t great for homes with pets or small children. Also when I travel with them I have to be careful about ripping the cones. Another caveat is that the USB auxiliary power outlet on the 5 will not power the RPi, not enough current (but you can still plug a wall wart into the auxiliary AC outlet). All in all a good option. There are other competing good sounding products out there, some with grills, but I am not familiar with them.