Add a DSP enable/disable switch

A DSP switch under the speaker icon for quick enable/disable DSP functions without going through a series of menu.

This is very helpful when you want to compare the DSP performance and if you have different gears that require different DSP settings.


I hear you, because it’s now three taps - volume, DSP, disable, which stays onscreen for toggling. Just my opinion, but for me that’s close enough.

I know, I need to set the switch more often because I switch between speakers and headphones.

A good idea. :+1:

Hell yes!

I would find this extremely useful having just started using convolution filters on my headphones. Some recordings sound better with the filter turned on, some sound much worse.

It would be so much easier to have a toggle switch to enable/disable the DSP under the volume menu when a particular zone is in use i.e. Chord Mojo/Poly

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Facing that currently, switching between NOS and OS DACs where in some cases it’s worth trying 2x Roon upsampling for 44.1k or 48k rate material.

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I have to respectfully vote against this to avoid cluttering the interface for something that not commonly used.

DSP is the most powerful features that many of others players do not have.

It is not being promoted as one of the good selling point of Roon. No need to shy away from hiding it behind.

There are many functions that you do not use. This does not mean you can take it away.


I love this idea! I didn’t really know or understand DSP for a while after I got Roon, and now I love it because I eventually dug in and checked it out. It would be nice to have an obvious on/off toggle for it so people could discover it more easily (and I could flip it on/off quicker.)

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More you know the power of DSP, the more you appreciate and use the functions.

Now I use Ctrl / as keyboard short cut to get in the DSP menu. A button on the UI would be very helpful.

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