Add a progress indicator when pressing play on live radio station

This is a minor UI issue that has annoyed me forever, but am finally getting around to reporting it as a FR.

If I press play on an internet radio station, it can take up to ten seconds for it to play.

As there is no progress indicator upon hitting play, I never know if my press correctly registered.

Easy solution: add a standard progress indicator upon pressing the button.

After hitting play you should see a bouncing blue line in the progress bar that normally registers play time. This is the feedback to your key press.

How can progress be displayed when track information, DJ chatter, news bulletins etc. have no time information?

Thanks. I realize now I should have been more specific.

I mean when initiating play from the switch zones popup.

It would be fine if it worked as it does in the normal view; where when pressing play it turns into a square. It doesn’t change at all now.

Maybe “progress” is the wrong word here. Hopefully my above reply clarifies?

Not sure I follow. Normal behaviour is press play button to start the stream. Once playing this changes to a stop button. Press this and the stream stops and the play button is displayed again. The “normal” view uses play/ pause.

I really don’t know how much more clear I can be.

Normal behavior: press play, button turns square while station loads.

Change zone behavior: press play, NOTHING happens in the UI.

This doesn’t matter much if the stations starts in, say, a second. But if it takes 5-10, it’s confusing.

While a minor issue, it’s bad, inconsistent, UI design, and easily fixed.

That’s not my experience. It works as expected for me on main screen and in the zone “pop-up”.

Oh, interesting.

A bug then?

I see this both on a Fire tablet, and an Android phone.

I don’t know. Screenshots that illustrate the issue you experience would be helpful. Those posted look fine to me. Also, you say that Live Radio playback is slow to start. That’s not my experience either. What stations are affected and are they geographically close to you?

I can provide additional screenshots if the roon folks would like, but think is straight-forward.

After some more experiments, including with different radio stations, local and non-local, the issue is there’s a lag only on the “switch zones” pop-up; the same is not apparent when pressing play from the primary UI.

This is not new behavior; I can’t ever not remember seeing this, and I’m one of the earliest users.