Add a question mark photo icon in the "genre" listing for albums with no assigned genres

I have 60,000 albums. I am completely happy with Roon’s determination and assignment of genres, but with so many albums it is difficult for me to know which ones are getting “lost” in the genre determination. I would like to see a Doctor Seuss character icon in the genre listing with a big question mark that is a catch all for albums or artists that have no assigned genre in the ROON catalog, but are in my collection. This would allow me, and others, to go in at our leisure and assign the genres that we think they should be in, so they will (possibly??) get put in the Roon genre listing categories for future listening if you can capture that as well. I think you are doing a great job and this is more just a fun convenience than a bug or flaw. Thanks.

Do you just want to know which albums haven’t got a roon genre in a list or when you are browsing?

No, I have too many albums to know which ones do not have a genre assigned by Roon. I usually listen just by picking a Roon genre and letting Roon sort and play, but when I get the bug to listen to something specific in my collection sometimes I find something that has not been identified at all by ROON. I am not technical at all, but if I have a ripped MP3 album, with artwork/covers as jpegs, but with the meta data from random sources - both self-added and many various music sorting softwares in the last 15 years, will Roon automatically assign it a genre or do somethings get left with no “genre”? I was, naively perhaps, hoping that if Roon had an “unknown” category, maybe the users could fill in the missing genres and that it would benefit everyone, instead of just my catalog - but maybe it does not work that way. Does that make sense?

Or I guess more simply - I would just like to have some way to identify which albums on my core do not have a genre assigned by Roon - and then have some ability to add a genre to these so that it shows up in my Roon assigned genre. I thought having a “?” show up as a category in my on screen genre listings would be an elegant user interface for this.

Every unidentified album in your library will not have a Roon assigned genre. Assigning tour own won’t change that - Roon will ignore them when playing DJ. You need to identify the album and add it to musicbrainz if it’s an album Roon doesn’t know about.

The identification step can be done with Focus, as follows:

It’s a bit laborious to set up, but once you’ve added (and inverted) the genres just save it as a bookmark.

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To get this go to focus then click on every genre in the list of genres, the genres will initially be blue, click on each which will turn it negative which is red. You should be left with unassigned albums.

Does this help?


All - It all makes sense now and I can do what I want. It was all there, within ROON, I just did not know how to use it. Now I just need to make the decision whether to just update my albums information locally on my ROON core, or to go into Musicbrainz and do it. Thank-you all for your help and you can close this topic if you want. Richard

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