Add a Recompute Album Artist Button, Please

Enable a user-activated option for Roon to compute new text in the Album Artist field, based upon the then-current Primary Artist entry(ies). Why? It would eliminate a lot of typing.

It might be a third Box to check, beneath Prefer Roon and Prefer File, called Compute New. Its optional and its results are shown in the text box beside. Example, if I had two Primary Artists defined right above, “Ben Webster” and “Oscar Peterson” the result might be, “Ben Webster / Oscar Peterson”. The user would be well informed of the option’s effects. Track Artists are unchanged and are another story. Version 2 of this feature might allow the user to set his/her owns flexible global format settings.

The complex and complicated logic behind Roon’s protocols makes changing taggings a bit of a black box. I know this suggested feature, or something similar, would help me greatly. I know Roon is not a tagging app per se, but this isn’t a big change IMHO.

I apologize in advance for the near-certain revelation that this feature is already here and that I have spun a lot of wheels for naught. :slight_smile: