Add a selection of filters for artist, track, album, genre, label etc to general search

Thanks for the work being done on search but I really feel your missing a simple trick by not having filters that a user can select to narrow down the target search. Every service has these and it enables you to find what you want so much quicker. The logic your using reallly isn’t clever enough and fails too often on simple things. The way the current search results are presented is also a mess.amd shoes too little results and all types on one page… I strongly feel having something like this would make it easier and just more accurate and present in simple list form like track view with a small icon and simple details. Try it on Tidal, Qobuz or Spotify it.just works. They all give different results but are much easier to see and get to what I want.






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I agree with your proposal.

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Done ! Done ! Done ! :slight_smile:

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