Add ability to change main photo of an artist [Resolved]

Continuing the discussion from John Mellencamp Scarecrow causes extra album to appear:

Seeing this reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to ask about - being able to change the main photograph for an artist. That’s a terrible pic of JM … in general and image quality wise. I’ve found a few others like that in my collection…it’d be nice to be able to replace them with a user supplied pic.

You can already do this by using the same edit pencil as with an album, just enter via artist instead of album. There you get the option to use your own. Did this with a couple of them myself.

Aah, fantastic, thanks.

And if the picture you choose is big enough, it comes full screen


Great tip - and good to see another Brooks Williams fan! Superb blues/folk acoustic player. He was a guest tutor on a guitar playing weekend retreat I went on a few years ago, terrific bloke, and we were lucky enough to have him play us a few tunes over beers in the evening.

I did a weekend workshop with him in Maldon Essex UK. Hi wife comes from there. I hope you have his latest albums, they are great. I always go to see him when I can. :sunglasses:Chris

You can now also change the images by uploading/adjusting/favoriting images in Art Director.