Add ability to import Album Type from file tags

I realize that the roon album type is a limited list specific to roon but it would be good if this could be set outside of roon by providing a metadata field that roon could read, such as ROONALBUMTYPE so Roon friendly applications could populate it.

For example my SongKong app can already identify Album, Singles, Extended Play and Soundtrack, so it could store them in a roon field if such a field was available. This would mean for al those releases that SongKong could identify but roon could not better metadata would be displayed.


According to Roon’s documentation, this is already the case ( Maybe it’s just unclear which file tag (name) is used? I see RELEASETYPE appears often in my files. Apparently there is no File option in the Album Editor for Album Type:


If it doesn’t work as documented then this is a bug report and not a feature request in my opinion. As Roon Labs usually doesn’t comment on Feature Requests this should/could better be moved to the Support category?

Sorry I’ve reread that article and I’m missing the bit about album type

For as Flac album I did try setting RELEASETYPE tag to Single and it didnt work for me.

KB Album types

I believe this particular piece of information in the KB just ain’t correct; never got Roon to read something from a TYPE file tag, yet.

Thanks, right I have now tried adding both a TYPE and a RELEASETYPE field for Flac file with no luck. So @support please move to support as suggested and consider raising as a bug that despite documentation saying it can be read from file it cannot.

Hey @paultaylor
Thanks for jumping in on this and for also checking it out in your apps! Hopefully this will speed up the process for a fix a little bit. I have tried every variation of TYPE, ALBUMTYPE, RELEASETYPE that I can think of in multiple tagging apps, including Jaikoz, Picard and Yate on both FLAC and ALAC files and nothing works. I have been talking with support about this for a few weeks now with no fix, but it is definitely supposed to work as indicated in the KB article so it is a bug and not a feature request. Yesterday they requested my files for an album that I have tagged with a TYPE field for them to check, so hopefully it is actively being looked at already. Your support will definitely help!

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The easiest (and most probable?) fix might be correcting the kb article. :innocent:

Sorry guys, there was an error in our docs, Album Type is not importable from File Tags. I just fixed that and moved this thread to #roon:feature-requests to learn more about how you use album type tags, and turn this into something actionable.

I’ve seen a number of different suggestions for album type tags mentioned around the community, including:

  • TYPE

We know that outside of Roon these tags are often used for things like “cd” “lp” “cassette” or “bootleg”, which doesn’t really line up with Roon’s concept of Album Type. So, a few questions:

  1. In Roon, the Album Type field can be main, single, extendedplay, soundtrack, or unknown. Are there other album types you’d like Roon to support? (other than compilation/bootleg/live)

  2. Do you currently use the ALBUMTYPE, MEDIATYPE, RELEASETYPE, or TYPE tags for anything else?

  3. What tag name would you prefer to use for importing Album Type into Roon?


I use MusicBrainz Picard to add tags to my files (where available) which seems to use RELEASETYPE.

Thanks for setting this up @Kevin !

MusicBrainz and Discogs already use MEDIATYPE and RELEASETYPE. RELEASETYPE uses album, EP, single, soundtrack. I would prefer ALBUMTYPE to avoid any conflict for users that use MusicBrainz since MusicBrainz uses album instead of main.

If you are referring to MusicBraizn Picard although Picard refers to the field as releasetype it actually saves to different metadata formats as follows:

ID3/TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Type
Mp4:MusicBrainz Album Type
Windows Media: MusicBrainz/Album Type

So actually there is no clash

Worth noting this actually, when you asks what tag is used you are generally referring to the vorbiscoment tag, and assuming the same tag is used for the equivalent optional tag in others formats (such as TXXX for ID3). It is a sensible approach in general to keep the same but should not be assumed.

RELEASETYPE sounds okay to me, although the use of main as a value is very niche to roon, could roon also support the value album as an equivalent to main

FWIW MusicBrainz database has two different fields, primary type which is basically a measure of length and can be

Then it has secondary type which holds the type of recording, it can be one or more of the following:

Audio drama

looks like @anon47919701 was right! kinda of disappointed about that, but not a huge deal. I this it great that this is now a feature request. I dont use any of the options listed and I am fine with any of them, but my preference would be ALBUMTYPE since that is what Roon already uses. Makes the most sense I think. TYPE is also good because it is generic. Thank you

Hey @kevin

Any news about if this will ever be implemented? Just curious. Thanks and Happy New Year

Hi, I’m new to Roon and have the same question. Would love to have or be able to add Demo as an option in Album Type (it’s a whole thing in metal circles).