Add ability to PLAY NOW FROM DISK since real time watch doesn't work and force scan is so SLLLOW

I can’t count how many times this has happened. i acquire/download some digital music, and i want to listen to it right away. But Real Time Watch doesn’t work, and so then I am forced to force scan (and by the way where is the key short cut which will take me straight into settings -> storage? I do this a hundred times a day). But this is very slow, and i just want to play this music NOW.

It would be nice to be able to go into Roon and say: file open -> browse to the file/folder and just play it. Of course every other player on the planet can do this. And i know Roon is different and not just a player, but what’s wrong with playing a track or album while waiting for the “adding to the library”?

I am typing this while waiting for Roon time to force scan and add my music to the library. Still not ready.

If a Roon storage folder is not updating after you have added music to it then you should open a thread in Support and provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

The speed of audio analysis of new music depends greatly on whether you are using an SSD or spinning hard drive and the power of your CPU.

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I am using a spinning drive, but after the copying of the files to the music folder, the added files appear pretty much instantaneously in Roon.

Agree with the support thread, something is not right in your setup.

Is the music stored on a NAS?

Yes it is. It’s Terramaster german NAS.

Ok, this is the source of the problem. Many NAS do not propagate update notifications well, discussed frequently in these pages.

So… there is no RoonLabs document which describes how to fix this on NAS?


I don’t use a NAS for music playback so I haven’t looked into it.
But it is not a Roon problem, it’s a NAS issue that would affect any software running on the computer.
I don’t know what workaround people use, look around, there are LOTS of threads discussing NAS issues.
(If it were me, I would leave the music currently on the NAS, add a USB drive to the Roon Core machine, and RIP new albums to that drive, there will be no notification problems with the USB drive. Or move all the music to the Roon machine/USB drive and use the NAS for backup only.)


A quick fix may be to rip/download to local core based storage. That should appear much quicker and also analyse faster too. You can then move it to the NAS at a time convenient to you. Is that feasible?

In the longer term I’d try if possible to build a machine with plenty of power and RAM and large enough to contain SATA drives with your collection on them. The NAS would be backup only. It would be expensive but you can’t do such a massive collection as I think you have by putting convenience or cost first. I know that isn’t welcome information but it is shared with good intention.

File system notifications rely on the version and implementation of the SMB file sharing service. No two are exactly alike, and typically many NAS implementations don’t offer a full feature set, forcing you to manually rescan folders. I have about 10k files in my library, yet a manual rescan only takes a few seconds


Maybe if they are already in the library and you just added one CD. It takes a lot more than that adding 10,000 tracks from scratch.

Also, i am dealing with half a million tracks.

I don’t understand your scenario.
Are you adding 10,000 tracks per day?
If you have a million tracks already, leave them where they are, there is no need for update notification from the NAS when there are no updates.
For new albums, where you want notifications, put them on a drive in the core (internal or USB) where you will get new notifications reliably. No more effort to add them to the core than adding them to the NAS.

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Point taken👍🏻

No issues here, instant updates as I use local storage. When I used my NAS before it didn’t as stated by Roon. Same thing happens to Plex to so it’s not Roon specific. Plex running on NAS instant, Plex running on Nvidia Shield and files on NAS wait until NAS sends out an update if it does at all. Roon is not the issue the NAS is.

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I am not adding 10,000 tracks per day. I was just responding to the claim that it takes seconds to import 10,000 tracks.

NAS is important because on NAS I have mirrored drives so that I minimize the risk of losing my music. But I like your suggestion (I think others suggested as well). Rip to a local drive which will be real time watched, and then periodically move the music to NAS.


Having a NAS with RAID is no substitute for having a backup. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know exactly what you mean, but it’s better than nothing.

I also have offline backups, but I haven’t been very diligent keeping them up to date. Now is probably a good time to do that, with self-isolation.

I think there’s quite a few, including myself, who started off with tracks on a NAS and then modified that in one way or another. I use my NAS as the rip and backup destination and have a usb drive attached to the roon server.
Bit more of a pain but less of a pain than NAS only and works well enough. Of course I have five percent of your track numbers :slight_smile:


I’ve set up my nas with instant sync of music folders to dropbox. So if the house burns to the ground I have a complete offsite backup of my music. The scheduled roon backup gets the same treatment so I also retain all my library edits if all goes to pot. 2tb dropbox storage is about 100 euro per year. There are cheaper options as well, or you could sync data to an offsite server sitting at a friend’s. I do that too. The solution you choose will be based on the amount of storage you require. #mildlyparanoidaboutmymedia

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