Add ability to save Roon Radio session

Occasionally the stars seem to align and Roon Radio does a great job of picking tracks. It would be great to be able to save the current state of a Roon Radio session to come back to it at a later date with all its DNA intact to be able to pick up exactly where it left off.

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I would highly up-vote this request! So far I’m on a really good “roll” and the tracks coming in are very good and I experience a lot of very good music and artists I have not heard before… AWESOME ROON! But I would also really like to save “what is going on - the path I’m wandering at and discovering”… Would be super if I could save this path and get back to it. Spotify (native) has a similar feature and you can save it to a “Radio” channel (or something like that)…

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Once in a while Roon Radio seems to mine a really good vein of music based on something I was listening to. I’d love to be able to save that stream as a seed for picking up where I left off at a later time, or transferring to another endpoint.

Two years ago in a Roon far, far, away…