Add album after album currently playing

This is a JRiver option that I am missing a lot. My listening is largely album based for non-classical music. When browsing I may already have a queue of several albums but see an album I want to play next, but as the next album, not the next tracks to play, if I am still in the middle of the current album.

The only options seem to be to play the new album immediately after the currently playing track or else at the very end of the queue.

Can we have an extra button for this?

This seems similar but not identical to some previous requests.


Is this something you may re-consider? it would be a nice option.

I have a 12+ hours queue at this moment and would love to have the chance to add an album I just remember about next after the current album, here is where this is something needed! please put this in the list, users will like it!

Why do you queue 12+ hours of albums? I rarely know what I want to listen to after the current album finishes. It depends on my mood and other things. Not trying to be a smart ass. This is an actual question.

It remains such a simple and useful feature request, so is one I really cannot understand being ignored for so long. I certainly still miss it and want it. I am glad the topic has been revived.

As for 12 hour queues I sometimes find I have assembled one too, as the whim takes me to have an immersion in a composer or a particular band with a big discography…


sometimes I take it too serious and have some albums to be listened so queue them, this time many albums queued :v:

I will work on spontaneous listening, still would love to have this feature to mix both spontaneous and queueing.

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still very interested about this feature!

I absolutely second this wish. This is one of the most common tasks I often wish could be done.

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Now I’ve seen this I’ll +1 the request. I set up long play lists to work to and inserting an album is a common itch.

I’m glad I am not alone in wanting this simple feature, and I hope others will keep adding their voices.

Given Roon’s more nuanced handling of classical works compared to JRiver, the request should probably be “add selected album (or work) after album (or work) currently playing”, but it comes to the same thing.

I also have this issue, as I can easily build a Q many hours long, but my request is for the ability to save or pause a Q and start a new one, which allow me to go back to a Q i spent a lot of time setting up.

To answer @Jim_F each album I add to the Q, I use the 6 “Recommended for You” albums, if I find something of interest I Q it up and get 6 more to look at, then I go backwards, and usually find a few more selections, and before I know it I have 8 hrs of music.

I also never delete my Q , thus I currently scan backwards in it to find some of those supposedly Saved Qs Id like to re-listen to.

This is an interesting request, but implementation may be more difficult than it sounds if the data structure that represents the playback queue in Roon is simply an ordered list of tracks rather than tracks + albums.

I don’t do this sort of thing often, but when I do, use “Add Next” and then, while the album in-progress is still playing, I multi-select the remaining tracks in the queue and choose “Add Next” to copy them ahead of the album I just inserted. Finally, I multi-select those same tracks again and delete them (so that they don’t play again after the album I added).

I realize this sounds a little clumsy, but if you don’t do this often, it’s not terrible. It’s easier for a human to recognize a contiguous list of album art as being part of the same album than software. To Roon, the playback queue is probably just a list of track IDs. To “understand” which album they came from, I imagine Roon would have to query the database for each to get their album IDs. Insertion point for an “Add Next Album” function would be just before the position in the queue where the album ID is different from that of the current track.

Not terribly difficult, but I imagine there are some corner cases. How would this work with multi-disc albums or when shuffle play is enabled?


I just realised that my addition of work as well as album to the request was partly unnecessary.
If you add a work (or album) to play next, then it will play after the work (or track, if the track is not part of a “work”) currently playing has finished.
So as we were, this request relates to albums, and will primarily arise for non-classical music, where in some senses the album is the “work”.
But that does not make it any less desirable.

Yes please. I bypass the lack of this feature many times per listening session by adding the album after the current track and then dragging the remaining currently playing album tracks back above the new added album. This works but it is a pain. Please add this functionality :pray:

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It will be nice if there is some logic/processing of your library when selecting or recommending a next album when playing. UI-wise there is plenty of room on the Roon radio side.

4.5 years after the initial post this option is still not available in version 1.8… it must be super hard to implement.

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Thank you for pointing this out. It also amazes me that such a minor, simple and logical enhancement continues to be ignored.

I have mercifully not been affected by any of the reported issues with 1.8, and overall I am moderately happy with it. But from my usage viewpoint, none of the under the bonnet changes really matter.

The things related to usability, such as being able to ‘add album after current album’, and more profound issues relating to the usability of editing tools, are simply not part of the update at all. That is very disappointing.

I too would be very happy to have this feature.


Find album. Click “Play”

Find next album. Click “Add to Queue”

Repeat as necessary.

(yeah, I get it’s a simplified answer. But the long and short of it is that if you don’t have anything in the queue beyond the current album, you’re good to go.)

Or am I not smelling what you’re all cooking?

Not the point, I’m afraid.
If there is nothing in the queue then that will work fine, and I think everybody who has participated in this thread already knows that.
The issue arises if one is in mid queue, and inspiration strikes suggesting an excellent album to play straight after the album (not merely track) currently playing.
As things stand this is not possible to achieve without a painful amount of manual editing of the queue.
JRIver is exemplary in the set of play next variations it offers, not that I would go back to it. It is however highly irritating that Roon lacks the humility to prioritise simple improvements instead of trumpeting complex changes which seem to go disastrously wrong , for some users at least, with depressing regularity.