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I just downloaded the Jerry Garcia project with hundreds of JGB recordings. Is there any way to add album art to all of them at once, or do I have to do it one at a time (which will take hours)?

Are these already grouped into albums or are they individual tracks that you will combine into collections and then add the album artwork?

These are grouped into individual albums.

It’s my understanding that these were never recorded on CDs or sold as such, is that correct? Did album artwork come with the downloads? If no to both, other than scripting a solution with the separate artwork, I am not sure what is the alternative other than adding the artwork individually to each album.


Hey @Zoren,

Thanks for writing in, it’s great to see you on community again! Right now, the best way for you to add album art would be with each individual album. That said, I’ve moved your thread into our software category as a feature suggestion as I’m sure many would benefit from an option to bulk-add album art :+1:

If there’s any movement on such a feature, I will certainly let you know :pray:

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Thanks, Benjamin!

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