Add Album grouping view to the Queue, albums can be moved as a unit

Add the option (toggle button at top of queue) to collapse the Queue to just an album view, so that the playback order of entire albums can be changed.

This would apply to tracks that were added to the queue as entire albums in sequence. This is not a request for tracks from the same album that are dispersed throughout the queue to be brought together.

I want to be able to shift the order of entire albums in the queue. I frequently queue up a sequence of albums to listen all the way through each one, but I also frequently have album A followed by album B in the queue and then want to insert album C into the queue after album A, so the new playback order is album A → C → B. This just isn’t possible now.

Ideally, if album view is toggled in the queue then the “add next” option when I am looking at an album in the search results would add the whole album after all of the tracks in the currently playing album (as opposed to shoving it in the middle of the currently playing album as it does now).

That’s a very good suggestion. I especially miss what you’ve described last, to add an album after the current one.

Yes, I came to request a similar feature. The ability to reorder albums in the queue would be a huge improvement to the way I listen. At the very least, the ability to move multiple selected items as a unit int he queue would be a good start.

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I am interested in this feature as well. In addition to being able to move albums as a group in the queue, if one has 15 days of music queued, it allows one to more easily scroll through the queue in a reasonable amount of time.

+1 here. That would be an awesome feature, especially for all of us who are still enjoying albums as a whole :blush:
I often fill my queue with multiple albums after each other. When I realise later, that another order might be better, I need to move the album track by track.
Or maybe there is already a better way that I don’t see?